Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine within your house, Your children like olive plants around your table. -- Psalm 128:3 (NAS)
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  Sewing And Crafting

    ¤ 2006 Lambert Family Handwork Gallery

    ¤ 2007 Lambert Family Handwork Gallery

    ¤ 2008 Lambert Family Handwork Gallery

    ¤ Hemming A Pair Of Pants

    ¤ Homemade Advent Calendar

    ¤ How To Tie A Knot

    ¤ Knitted Alligator Puppet

    ¤ Knitted Chick Puppet

    ¤ Knitted Tiger Puppet

    ¤ Knitted Zebra Puppet

    ¤ Make Your Own Burp Cloths, Style 1

    ¤ Making A Quilt

    ¤ Making Baby Blankets

    ¤ Making Window Stars

    ¤ Preserving Your Quilt

    ¤ Teaching Your Girl to Stitch

    ¤ Threading A Needle

    ¤ Tooth Pillows


¤ 56 Free Apron Patterns
I am pretty much always wearing an apron when I am at home. If you have never made one yourself, they are quite easy to stitch and very functional!

¤ Basic Quilt Square
If you are looking for a simple quilting tutorial, this one might be a great start.

¤ Gingham Embroidery
The Hope Chest Legacy site has a wonderful tutorial for the snowflake stitch on gingham emroidery.

¤ Hairsticks
This is a project the girls in our home have always wanted to try...perhaps sometime soon. : )

¤ Learn to Sew has put together perhaps, one of the best resources on the internet for learning to sew. Free patterns and lessons galore!

¤ Make a Denim Skirt Out of Jeans
We have been wanting to try this project for quite some time! I was glad to come across these instructions.

¤ Make a Pillowcase to Embroider
Another tutorial from Hope Chest Legacy, these are easy instructions for completing one or a pair of pillowcases perfect for your next embroidery project.

¤ Primrose Design
The Stitch School at Primrose Design is the most beautifully illustrated, step-by-step, embroidery tutorials that I've seen on the web.

¤ Sew Your Own Cloth Diapers
We ventured into making our own cloth diapers a year or so ago. This is a great link no matter what type of diapers you would like to make.

¤ Sewing 101
Join Simplicity's 101 class and receive regular newsletters on basic sewing skills, fitting patterns, trends, and home decor.

¤ Sewing Basics
Simplicity's site has pretty much every basic sewing skill you need to learn to sew for your family.

¤ Silver's Sock Class
If you are looking for beginning tutorials for knitting socks, this is a great site!

¤ Simplicity Classroom
Another great feature on the Simplicity site, the Simplicity classroom has tons and tons of free patterns for all sorts of things- bags, gift ideas, pillows, and more!

¤ Strawberry Pincuchions
I want a couple of these! When I first saw this project, I fell in love....perhaps I can squeeze in the time someday soon.

¤ Vintage Embroidery Patterns
There are far too many patterns here to list...I can't wait to try a few for my home.

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