Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine within your house, Your children like olive plants around your table. -- Psalm 128:3 (NAS)
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  In The Kitchen

    ¤ Adventures in Bread Baking

    ¤ Affordable Purified Water

    ¤ Blanching /Freezing Vegetables

    ¤ Cake In a Jar

    ¤ Closing Potato Chips

    ¤ Cooking for a Crowd

    ¤ Crockpot Cooking

    ¤ Easy Rolls (Biscuits)

    ¤ Freezing Blueberries

    ¤ Ideas for Taking Meals to a Family in Need

    ¤ Making Butter

    ¤ Making Our Own Tortillas

    ¤ Mastering the Kitchen- One Week Menu Plan

    ¤ Meal Planning Success

    ¤ Our Emergency Menu (for financially tight months)

    ¤ Pasta in a Box

    ¤ Postpartum Meals

    ¤ Preparing Dried Beans

    ¤ Smores!

    ¤ Snacks to Have on Hand

    ¤ Storing and Using Fresh Herbs

    ¤ The Lambert Family Cake Gallery


¤ All Recipes
I don't use my cookbooks nearly as much these days. Not only can I find a recipe for pretty much anything that I want to make, I can also read multiple reviews on what folks like and dislike about each recipe. No more bad recipes!

¤ America's Test Kitchen
Want to know which mixer purchase will give you the best quality for your money? How about which brownie mix will give you the best tasting, cake-like snack? America's Test Kitchen is the best place to start.

¤ Cooking with Kids
If you have children cooking in your kitchen, this site covers basic equipment, recipes and more.

¤ Cooks Illustrated
The Cooks Illustrated magazine is something that I will slurge on one day for myself. I'm always so excited to find a copy at the library or at a friend's home. I can't tell you how wonderful this resource is for any at home cook!

¤ Ellen's Kitchen
Another great resource for homemade meal mixes. When they are this quick and easy to make yourself, why spend extra money on them?

¤ Energize Your Meal Table
If you have read anything by Kimberly Eddy, it will come as no surprise why I am sharing this link. She is always a wealth of great information.

¤ Farmer's Market Listings
Looking for fresh from the farm food in your area? Here is a directory of markets nationwide!

¤ Hillbilly Housewife
I remember the time that I had one of the "magic milkshakes" made from the recipe on this site. I couldn't believe how delicious it was-- and it was so inexpensive! We have them quite often now. If you are looking to learn to cook everyday items from scratch, this is a great website!

¤ Home Preserving
Have you always wanted to learn to preserve and can your own food? This site, owned and operated by Ball, will give you recipes and instructions for preserving food in your home.

¤ How To Butcher a Chicken
If you are learning how to provide for your own, this website might prove very helpful!

¤ King Arthur Flour
My VERY favorite cookbook is my huge, jam packed, King Arthur Flour Cookbook. This site has some really great recipes.

¤ Kitchen Gardens International
This site has a tremendous source of information for aspiring gardeners.

¤ Make a Kitchen Mat
Lots of cooking in a kitchen can leave your feet, legs and back very tired. A kitchen mat can door wonders for this! Here are some simple instructions for making your own.

¤ Make Your Own Cheese
Cheese making and more! This site is full of clear, step-by-step instructions.

¤ Make Your Own Mixes
This is a great collection of homemade mixes. Kept on hand, these taste better than store bought, and are so much better for your family.

¤ Natural Christian
I'm booking this site more for myself than anything else. If you are trying to have a more natural diet, this has some great information.

¤ Naturally Healthy
Home of Shonda Parker, author of Mommy Diagnostics, Naturally Healthy had an abundant list of information on healthy living including herbs and vitamins.

¤ Once a Month Cooking
We have always done a version of Once a Month Cooking. Designed to cook all your meals on one day instead of facing the kitchen each evening, this method really is pretty great for saving time.

¤ Penzey's Spices
My good friend Sherri first introduced me to Penzey's. They have the very best spices and spice blends around. Request their catalog and get ready to taste really good food.

¤ Pick Your Own Directory
Looking for a U-Pick farm? Try this site to find one in your area.

¤ Tammy's Recipes
This is our absolute favorite cooking blog. Tammy makes things so simple, even someone just beginning to cook can learn from her tutorials and recipes.

¤ The Epicentre
If you would like to learn more about spices and how to use them, this free encyclopedia will tell you all you need to know!

¤ Wheat Recipes
This link to Walton Feed has a good conversion and some various recipes for cooking with freshly ground wheat.

Please remember that the sites listed here are not affiliated in any manner with and we cannot be responsible for the content to be found there.

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