Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine within your house, Your children like olive plants around your table. -- Psalm 128:3 (NAS)
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  Home Education

    ¤ Advantages of Homeschooling

    ¤ Handwriting at Home

    ¤ Homeschool Scheduling

    ¤ Homeschooling and Graduation, Part 1

    ¤ Homeschooling Pro's And Con's

    ¤ Homeschooling: History, Part 4

    ¤ Homeschooling: Language Arts, Part 3

    ¤ Homeschooling: Math, Part 6

    ¤ Homeschooling: Music Education, Part 7

    ¤ Homeschooling: Science and Nature Study, Pt. 5

    ¤ Homeschooling: The Most Important Education

    ¤ Learning Theories

    ¤ Our Favorite Craft Doughs

    ¤ The Homeschool Family Video

    ¤ Used Curriculum Sources


¤ A to Z Home's Cool
I can't tell you how much information I have gained from this site. It was one of the first homeschooling sites that I can remember visiting.

¤ An Old-Fashioned Education
If you want to cover the basics and don't have a lot of $$$, this website is for you! --Homeschooling DOES NOT have to cost a lot.

¤ Classical Astronomy
The study of Astronomy is big in my home! Paul is always out at night with our children wrapped in blankets teaching them about the stars and planets. This is a great site for learning all about astronomy!

¤ Heart of the Matter
This is a fairly new magazine written by the real 'experts', homeschool moms!

¤ Home School Enrichment Magazine
A good friend, (hi Heidi!), sent me a few of her copies of this magazine when we added Jon to the family. I loved reading through all the articles as I was recovering at home- at some point, this one will be added to my subscription list. The articles are wonderful!

¤ Homeschool How-To's
How to articles, blogs, and resources for homeschooling. Download free pdf ebooks, free Christian mothers blogs and homeschool solutions by Renee Ellison.

¤ Homeschool Radio
If you are looking for homeschooling basics, Homeschool Radio has some great programs that you can listen to from the comfort of your own home.

¤ Homeschooling Today
This is a magazine that I pick up at my local library. It has some EXCELLENT articles and teaching ideas.

The first place (after prayer, of course!) that any aspiring homeschooler should stop is the Home School Legal Defense Association website.

¤ The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
This is such a beautiful magazine. It's one that is going on my wish list! It has down-to-earth topics that any homeschooler can use.

Please remember that the sites listed here are not affiliated in any manner with and we cannot be responsible for the content to be found there.

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