Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine within your house, Your children like olive plants around your table. -- Psalm 128:3 (NAS)
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    ¤ Crape Myrtle

    ¤ Garden Magic

    ¤ Gardening Potatoes

    ¤ Gardening Tips For Autumn Vegetable Growing

    ¤ Harvesting Marigold Seeds

    ¤ He Knows No Winter

    ¤ Indoor Gardening

    ¤ My Choice

    ¤ Ordering Raspberries

    ¤ Our Family Garden 2008 Photo Gallery

    ¤ Planting Potatoes

    ¤ Prayer in the Garden

    ¤ Reading a Seed Packet

    ¤ Seven Fall Chores for The Perennial Gardener

    ¤ Tent Caterpillars

    ¤ Top Ten Outdoor Gardening Tips For Fall


¤ Backyard Composting
Don't throw away those kitchen scraps! This is a great article on backyard composting.

¤ Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens is an endless source of beautiful examples of gardening. As a trusted source of growing information, this is a site we visit frequently.

¤ Botanical Gardens
If you are looking for a close, public garden to visit, try looking through this listing.

¤ Build an A-Frame for Climbing Plants
We have done variations on this project for our own garden. When building these, you might think on things you have on hand rather than having to use new lumber.

¤ Create a Pumpkin Patch
Another great idea for children- Family Fun has some great information on setting up a pumpkin patch as well as some activities to try with the growing pumpkins.

¤ Create a Sunflower Room
This is such a sweet idea- it's one of those that when space permits, we will do ourselves. I can see our little girls having tea parties in a giant sunflower room.

¤ Garden "WebSites"
I really hate spiders, but this project has me thinking that we might try it at some point soon. Create a "WebSite" in your garden area- this site shows you how.

¤ Garden Stones
Create garden stones to mark plants in your yard. This is a great idea!

¤ Lasagna Gardening 101
If you've wondered about trying out lasagna gardening, this is a great overview of the entire process. Used with square foot gardening, this is a very simple way to home garden with hardly any weeds! You can't get better than that!

¤ Make a Butterfly Garden
We love to watch birds and butterflies in the summer months. They are all so different and beautiful. This is great information for creating a garden for attracting beautiful butterflies to your yard.

¤ My First Garden- for children
Help a child get started on their first garden. Read on to find basic supplies and instructions for your little gardener.

¤ Organic Gardening
We're always looking for ways to garden without adding harmful chemicals to our plants and soil. Organic gardening has quite a bit of helpful information for both aspiring and experienced gardeners.

¤ Organic Gardening Tips
In a very easy to read format, the organic gardening tips site has literally, hundreds of quick tips for the organic gardener.

¤ Outdoor Goldfish Pond in Barrel
I loved this idea the first time I saw it several years back at the home of a friend. This page explains how to create a backyard pond with a barrel and goldfish.

¤ Square Foot Gardening
The official site of Square Foot Gardening, my favorite part of the site are the questions and answers. I really spent time on this site before we started out first garden.

Please remember that the sites listed here are not affiliated in any manner with and we cannot be responsible for the content to be found there.

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