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Homeschooling Do Not's

  1. Don't Over Pay For Books.
  2. Don't Compare You Or Your Child To Other Homeschoolers.
  3. Don't Sign Up For So Many Activities That You Are Overwhelmed.
  4. Don't Answer The Phone Or The Door When You Are Schooling..
  5. Don't Pass Up An Opportunity For Learning That Is Not In A Book.


If you are a homeschooling mom, you know that homeschooling can be confusing, expensive and down right difficult at times.

This is the place to find articles, printables, unit studies and even an online library to make your homeschooling experience less stressful and enjoyable.


Homeschooling ¦ Pro´s & Cons -- By Mary Joyce

A Complete Guide To The Different Learning Theories -- Joshua Poyoh

Advantages Of Homeschooling -- By Low Jeremy

Classical Astronomy

Homeschooling Radio

Handwriting at Home

A Child's Geography

Craft Dough Recipes*

Homeschool Scheduling


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Daily Quote

"The language offriendship is not words but meanings. "
--Henry David Thoreau

Ministering To Others

It is amazing what we can learn from those around us if we just look.

For instance, even raking a yard, delivering a meal, or spending an afternoon with an older person in your life might provide a wealth of learning opportunities. They are real living history.

I'll never forget the day that I sat in my Great-Grandmother's bedroom brushing her hair. I think it was perhaps the first glimpse I had of the experience this dear woman held. For her, I was pampering her and keeping her company. For me, she was sharing her memory of first hearing the reports of the sinking of the "unsinkable" Titanic and instilling within a deep respect for the tragedy and sadness of a nation.

You might come across an older man who has vivid war memories to share, or a wise older woman who can share her lessons of running a home and a family during an era when times were tight and there wasn't always "enough to go around".

Ministering to Others is an every day living, every day learning experience that will help others, yes, but the benefit to your child will be immeasurable.