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First, you must understand this is not the typical site on financial freedom.

Financial freedom to many, simply means they can do what they want, when they want, without worrying about a time clock or financial constraints. But in reality, it is so much more!

We began our marriage in the most humble of situations. We had a $500.00 savings account, lots of debt and both of us were working and going to college full time.

Each passing year seemed to be more and more of a struggle. Credit cards, student loans, medical bills and car loans equalled big problems and lots of stress.

We found ourselves struggling to get through one week to the next. We knew we had to change our direction or we were going to end up with nothing.

After many years and much study on the area of finance we have come to realize that this subject of financial freedom encompasses a much broader scope than what we previously had thought.

We still struggle to make ends meet. Our large family also brings large bills. We have to trust and have faith that the Lord is teaching us as we travel.

We often say that we are not sorry for any struggle we've had. We've been a family of ten now, living in a single wide mobile home. We've lived like no one else we know has lived. But.....we've lived how no one else we know has lived. We have also paid all our debts (we're still working on our home and some other smaller bills). At one time we were where you might be now; we had student loans, a house payment, car payment and NINE credit cards! One of them totalled $10,000 at it's height!! We worked hard.

*We know that for some of you, the road to getting out of debt seems like an endless tunnel. Make no mistake, it's very difficult, but there is an end. It can be done!

Right now, we make less than we have in the past, but we are better off financially. We are making better, and to some, very radical decisions concerning our finances. We are trying new things...some of which have failed miserably and some of which still pay us over and over, month after month....even though the work that went in to them is now years in the past (this is residual income that we will discuss in an article listed here!). We are no longer satisfied with the theories and the plans that most financial consultants insist will work...we want more than to be out of debt, we no longer want to be enslaved to money!!

It's radical, but it can be done and we're on our way.

To us, financial freedom means being able to spend time with the family. Even for dads to be able to spend time with their family without having to be away for 60 hours or more a week working for someone else. For our family, financial freedom means that we are not working to make someone else wealthy, while we are little more than a slave. Mostly, it means that money is no longer the idol that it seems to become in our life from time to time. You don't have to look around long and if it's not you, there is someone or maybe many who struggle for money from week to week like the air that they breathe. With each bill and each paycheck they ride a wave of idolotry that can only be explained by the fact that we depend on it for our very existence.

The Bible has something to say about idol worship:

3"You shall have no other gods before me. 4"You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, (Exodus 20:3-5 -- NIV)

Think about this for just a moment: The typical "Christian" family spends approximately eight hours at their typical church in a given week, but 40-50 hours per working person in pursuit of the dollar. The money you "need" for your very survival. Without which you could not have electricity, groceries, clothing, cable TV, telephone, internet access, etc. Who are you spending more time worshipping? What are you investing your time to build? What kind of provision for the future have you made following the standard "work and get paid" model?

Throughout our sites, the one central theme is that of raising children who will one day have a relationship with our God and have the same desire to raise their children and pass their faith.

Along those lines, it is our belief that today's culture breeds selfishness because no longer do we think of those who will follow us and how our actions will effect them. Instead, we live for today with no thought of the future of our children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren. It's a pathetic thing when the car in front of you proudly displays a bumper sticker reading "I'm spending my children's inheritance now!"

Imagine with us, a world where Mom and Dad learn from their mistakes and teach their children. Imagine a world where a home's income becomes a tool for the future instead of a pacifier for the present.

We no longer think of our home as two parents and our children. We're looking instead (and praying, I might add!) using the Hebrew model to the possibility of our influence stretching it's hand far into future generations.

Let's run some numbers:

We currently have eight children. We think it's not only possible, but God willing, probable, that we will have at least ten children by the time we are finished. Let's suppose they each marry and have ten children of their own. It's possible that 3 generations from now we could expand our family to over ONE THOUSAND people!

What about seven generations? Seven generations could mean influence of over TEN MILLION people! Ten generations of people having ten children each could produce over TEN BILLION people!

It's a huge resposibility!

Armed with these possibilities, it is our desire to train and prepare our children to the best of our abilities. We have not even a moment to waste!

We desire to leave a legacy.

We desire to leave our faith, our family and a well planned and executed estate.

Generations from now, we want our descendants to know we believed they were important enough for us to search the Scriptures as well as ourselves, so as to build the best foundation possible - for them.

A legacy. A legacy for our family. A legacy -- executed correctly--in the Lord's will, that will reach untold numbers of people and will change the world.

Yes, it's a radical plan, but it wasn't our idea. The framework for this plan was thought out and written in all it's wisdom in The Living Book. We're only instruments now. We want to share this vision with others who are searching for answers to their own freedom.

What is your legacy?

Will you plan for tomorrow? Will you plan for next year? What about 30 years or 100 years?

How will your story be told even after you have gone?

If you are like us, until several years ago, perhaps you never planned financially for marriage or family. You never thought of the added expenses you would have or how your lack of planning would lead to money being an idol in your life.

It's not too late. Please enjoy the information presented here. We've tried to be as honest and open as possible so as to help other believers find the financial strength and the financial freedom they are seeking.

In His service,

Paul and Tracy Lambert


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Ministering To Others

It is amazing what we can learn from those around us if we just look.

For instance, even raking a yard, delivering a meal, or spending an afternoon with an older person in your life might provide a wealth of learning opportunities. They are real living history.

I'll never forget the day that I sat in my Great-Grandmother's bedroom brushing her hair. I think it was perhaps the first glimpse I had of the experience this dear woman held. For her, I was pampering her and keeping her company. For me, she was sharing her memory of first hearing the reports of the sinking of the "unsinkable" Titanic and instilling within a deep respect for the tragedy and sadness of a nation.

You might come across an older man who has vivid war memories to share, or a wise older woman who can share her lessons of running a home and a family during an era when times were tight and there wasn't always "enough to go around".

Ministering to Others is an every day living, every day learning experience that will help others, yes, but the benefit to your child will be immeasurable.